NTW2 Modified for NGC Campaigns

What's different from a standard NTW2 game?

  1. Line infantry has 240 models (plus officers). Line infantry is defined as all standard infantry that is not light, guard, elite or named
  2. All cavalry has 60 models (plus officers).
  3. Artillery comes in 2 gun and 4 gun batteries. British rockets also come in 2 or 4 rocket batteries.
  4. Light, elite, named or Guard infantry has 120 models (plus officers).
  5. All rifle armed troops have their range reduced to 100 yards.
  6. Line Muskets standardised to range of 70 yards across all nations
  7. Musket armed Light Infantry has range standardised to 80 yards, the slight edge over standard line troops to help the in-game representation of skirmishing, we are not suggesting that light troops muskets actually had a longer range.
  8. Russian Musketeer and Grenadier infantry use bullet (instead of the original inaccurate_bullet)
  9. French infantry has the hardy statistic removed and falls in line with all other nations.
  10. All nations cavalry has the hardy statistic removed to try and reduce the not stop machine nature of the cavalry - they will now fatigue more quickly and recover more slowly.
  11. All nations artillery has hardy statistic removed.
  12. Light and Guard Infantry ammunition reduced to 25, down from 60
  13. Line Infantry has ammunition reduced to 20, down from 60
  14. All factions militia use inaccurate_bullet with 10 rounds of ammunition
  15. All infantry has charge distance increased to 40, up from 20. This means infantry will break into charge sooner and suffer less volley fire before closing into contact with the enemy.
  16. Russian 12lb cannon range increased to match all other nations 12lb range


Current version is: Revision 5.0

  • You must have version 0.3.6 of the NTW2 mod installed (the so called Peninsular Pack). Get it here
  • You should run this mod in HUGE mode within NTW2
  • You will probably want the much expanded Map Pack for online play
  • The V5.0 mod pack is available here

You should install these files into a separate copy of NTW2 that is used specifically for resolving Campaign Battles. See below for a simple method of using your existing NTW2 installation as a base for the Campaign requirements.

If you are interested in why things were changed and the expected ramifications of the changes, please have a look at the LoVC Mod Detail page.

(beta Campaign Home Page) (Confused by the numbers of models & men?) (Future tactical changes) (LoVC Mod Detail)

How to set up NTW2 for NGC Campaign play

1) Find your installation of Rome Total War using Windows Explorer. Normally it will be under c:\program files\Acitivision\Rome - Total War or possibly under c:\program files\The Creative Assembly\Rome - Total War


2) If you have a good install of NTW2 then under the Rome Total War Directory you will see a directory called Napoleonic


3) Select the napoleonic directory and right click your mouse, select copy from the options displayed:


4) Now move your mouse to the Rome - Total War Directory again, right click on this directory and choose paste from the options displayed:


5) The copy/paste operation might take a few minutes, there are a lot of files to copy. When the operation is complete you should see the following:


6) Make sure that the directory called Copy of napoleonic is selected, then right click your mouse. Choose rename from the options displayed:


7) Your cursor will move into the directory name box, you should enter LoVC in here. This will replace the original name of Copy of napoleonic and will look like this when complete:


8) Move your cursor back to the Rome - Total War directory:


9) In the right hand panel of Windows explorer find and highlight the NTW2 icon:


10) Right click on the NTW2 icon and choose Create Shortcut from the options displayed:


11) You should see the following if the operation was successful:


12) Make sure that the new shortcut is selected then right click your mouse on it. Choose rename from the options displayed:


13) Call your shortcut LoVC. If the rename is successful you should see the following:


14) Right click on the LoVC shortcut and choose properties from the options displayed:


15) The following properties box will appear:


16) Make sure that the entry field named Target is highlighted as shown above. Press the right arrow key on your keyboard or the end key
on your keboard to move the cursor to the end of the Target text entry box as shown below:


17) Use your backspace key to delete the word napoleonic as shown below, be careful not to delete the colon (:) character:


18) Now type in the word LoVC where napoleonic used to be. At the end of this process the dialog box should look like the following:


19 ) Click on the OK button. This shortcut should now be able to launch and exact copy of the standard NTW2. You can drag the LoVC icon onto your desktop for ease of use if you wish.

20) To make the changes required for LoVC play, we need to download the modified stats/maps file. Once you have downloaded the file, rename it so it ends in .exe (remove the .renamethis extension that filecrunch adds automatically) double click it, you will be presented with the following dialog:


21) Change c:\temp in the example above to where your LoVC directory is, as per point 9) above. In point 9) you see that our LoVC directory is located at D:\Program Files\Activision\Rome - Total War\LoVC. Most likely your installation will be at C:\Program Files\Activision\Rome - Total War\LoVC. If you have come this far you will already know where your install is.

So, after changing the dialog to your LoVC directory it will look similar to the following (but replace D:\ with C:\ for most people)


22) Ensure that Use Stored Paths is checked, then click on Extract. Quite soon you should see the following dialog box:


As you will be overwriting existing standard NTW2 files with the customised LoVC files the correct answer to this is All After a few minutes the extraction process will complete.

23) If you copied the LoVC shortcut in step 19) onto your desktop then you need only double click this icon, make sure your RTW CD is in the drive and off you go.

Any questions please leave a comment at the top of this page.